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The first semester, passing by the open doors of some laboratories, I involuntarily slowed down and held my breath… you are about to transfer from theory to practice, probably not a single first year student of VŠCHT is indifferent. The first laboratory for me, as for most students, was LACh I (Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry 1). During the semester, 3 streams (so-called turnus) of students pass through LACh. Each turnus lasts 5 weeks. One day a week (from 8.00 to 18.00) students spend in the laboratory. To my great happiness, I got into the first stream. Why fortunately? Because the farther, the more difficult the second turnus already coincides in time with the first wave of tests in such subjects as Math 2, Physics and Organic Chemistry, and accordingly, the time to prepare for tests will be much less.

Half of the first day in the laboratory was devoted to organizational issues.

To begin with, we were distributed to laboratories and given to sign the necessary documents to the question of our awareness that the work to be unsafe. After that, we had a laboratory assistant, who was responsible for the whole laboratory, and assistants who were directly responsible for us, and who were with us during the whole laboratory period.

It should be noted that in the laboratories the standard system of teachers selection does not work, as on the other subjects, and until the last moment we did not know who of the assistants we will get, but, to be honest, a lot depends on it. Then we received the keys to the tables in the laboratory, and from the lockers outside after all, you can take only necessary things to the laboratory, and, of course, the program of our laboratory classes (LACH1-program-cz). This was followed by checking the dishes in the tables, repeating safety procedures and familiarity with the equipment.

It should be noted that it’s not a problem. on it. If you’re getting in touch with the outside of the room, you’ll be able to get in and out of the room, you’ll be able to follow the program. Familiarizing with the equipment.