How to write a literature review for a dissertation

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It is the compactness of electronic copies of archives that allows, for example, the United States to hold fingerprints and other biometric long-term data of all foreigners who legally visited the states. In times of paper, there would be nothing to think about maintaining the storage of such a volume of data. If, however, some state took up such work, it is unlikely that this information could be promptly processed manually, no matter how many people were allocated for this purpose.

Quickly retrieve the right data. In this example, we get a hint of another purpose of the database to extract the necessary subset of information in a reasonable time. For example, in all developed countries there are databases of all cars, including those that are wanted. With such a database, the road patrol has the opportunity to find out in a matter of seconds about the owner of a passing car and to determine whether it is of professional interest to thepolice. Try to imagine here how it would be possible to obtain such information without electronic means.

Data update. However, one should not think that databases are something that has been done for centuries, and therefore remains unshakable. Many stolen cars are and are transferred to the previous owners, and during this time many other cars are stolen. This leads us to the idea that the electronic database should be constantly updated and, therefore, to communicate with it, powerful and convenient means should be developed for updating the data. The author remembers the time when the operator communicated with the machine almost directly, dialing with the help of toggle commands consisting of binary codes. In this “language” you will not talk much. Today, for these purposes there is a so-called “user interface”. Translated from English, “interface” means “intermediary”, so today you communicate with any program (in other words, a machine) through an intermediary, which is a system of changing menu commands, frames or windows, into which you can enter data and receive reports of requests for this data. The interface is designed so that it is convenient and understandable to the user, and the complex mechanism for communicating the interface with the machine is hidden from the user. The development of all this is done by qualified programmers, but the result of their work should be available not only to a highly qualified specialist, but also to a simple man in the street and even a schoolboy.