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Returning to Pinker’s book, it is interesting to note that it was published about a year before the terrible events in Oslo 2 and many other similar crimes that were committed either by one person or by a group of people

(and often young, if not young). This begs the question, how does everything happening correlate with statistics on the reduction of violence andaggression in society?

How does this optimistic statistics help the victims of violence, their relatives and loved ones overcome pain, trauma, bitterness of loss? Will be done

Something to understand the root causes of the incident, and to prevent this from now on?

One way or another, even if today it is statistically possible to prove that violence

in our society less than, for example, 100 years ago, it is obvious that this society has not become less aggressive, and constantly reproduces new reasons for

aggression and new forms of violence. Yes, perhaps the level has become lower.

manifestations of open physical violence in everyday life, and this fact

“Decorates” the statistics. But the development of society creates the prerequisites for the emergenceof new forms of violence, not always manifested andperceived as violence, but becoming factors provoking aggression.

And here it should be noted that in the social sciences, behavioral sciences

so far the concepts of “aggression” and “violence” are often used interchangeably.

But, according to E. Fromm, the concept of “aggression” resembles a collection of trash, where

we dump many psychological mechanisms that we don’t know how to analyze, or don’t even know how to name them exactly [Fromm 2014]. Since the second half

XX century, this situation has ceased to satisfy scientists, and research

aggression and violence began to receive great attention.

By the beginning of the third millennium (based on a large amount of knowledge about intrapersonal and external factors that increase the likelihood of aggression, as well as due to a more detailed understanding of the processes occurring

in the brain and consciousness at the time of the manifestation of aggression) K. Anderson and B. Bushman

a general theory ofaggression was created the General Agrression Model. According to her

developers, GAM is the latest and most extensive (all-inclusive) theoryof aggression today