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The Absolute Man is one who is capable of love, and in love to create not to destroy the Nature of the Eternal, for she is the Mother of the Law of Creation, and, therefore, a woman. Woman is Eternity. She is perfect in the bottomlessness of her time. It is chaotic, but in absolute Chaos, it is perfect, like Life itself, Life giving.

The woman is the universe. She is always perfect! Because it is finite in its infinity! The absolute woman is the TAIS.

Thais is not a symbol or an image, no, it is a pure embodiment of love. She is called to love. And she loves as much as she can love passionately and earnestly, recklessly and healingly. Those who have ever been touched by the breath of this woman are no longer able to forget the bliss, the joy of insight, which they experienced, dissolving into her, and even if only once. Now they are doomed to love! They are not hostages, no, they are Children of Love. After all, TAIS washing revives hardened MALE souls. It is like the “Phoenix”: incinerating itself it is reborn again, and never the same, but more perfect! and heloves him again: by giving himself to people in order to die and be resurrected in each of us. People sometimes ask me: How is Poetry done? And from myself I would add more: and for what?

Subconscious, like a temple. And in this temple lively beats:


It is difficult to say who makes Poetry. Whether the Creator or the Spirit is the divine calling of the Soul.

I know for sure that you can love in Poetry, and you can love Poetry.

True love lyrics Poetry is completely devoid of ignorance of vulgarity, vulgar liberty. The real Poetry of Love is organic, it is also erotic, in the divine sense it is sexy, like Nature itself, capable of creating, giving birth to amazing fantastic harmonies of life. And life is a continuation of ETERNITY,

Eternity is a woman.